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Reasons-a-plenty exist for the Seattle Seahawks to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick to backup Russell Wilson, with the one drawback being “locker room chemistry.”

Of course, a few Seahawks have already put that issue to bed but according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, the team may need Kaepernick not just to add to the team dynamic but to preserve it.

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Per Cole’s report, multiple Seahawks are resentful towards Wilson due to “perceived favoritism” and lack of a veteran backup over the last two years. They resentment has been fostered over the transition from a defense-first team to an offensive-minded team. The effort to bring in Robert Griffin III or Kaepernick would be as much to soothe that dynamic, as adding a veteran backup.

It’s easy to believe that ego could play a part in bringing in a truer competitor for Wilson’s job; although, the financial dedication to Wilson would make him losing his job at any point unlikely. Besides the fact, he’s one of the best quarterback in the league.

The “schism” in the locker room also loses weight with the “last two years” portion. Wilson had a veteran backup in Tavaris Jackson in 2015 and may have been back in 2016 if not for a significant legal issue.

As for the shift to a more offensive approach, Wilson has garnered more and more offensive load as a passer each year but until last year, the Seahawks were also top in the run game and defense. They also have paid out more salary to keep their top-flight defense together than protecting Russell Wilson and/or providing him weaponary.

Other than Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham — many more financial resources have been dedicated to defense than offense.

And that’s save for the fact that both Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril have specifically endorsed the Kaepernick option as a backup to Wilson. If they are looking to dethrone the quarterback king, they’re going about it in a funny way.

All the listed gripes seem more of 2016 problem than a two-year situation. And even in 2016, the Seahawks tried to run the ball and focus on defense. Injuries just prevented them from reaching that full potential.

On the other hand, growing resentment could explain Richard Sherman’s blow up on offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in 2016. Perhaps, Sherman truly was speaking for his defense in that instance.

The above grievances due explain why a cornerback yells at his offensive coordinator over a single play-call to pass instead of run. Of course, deja vu to how you lost a Super Bowl in the exact same manner also explain that anger.

Maybe a tinge of resentment ready to boil over exists. No locker room is perfect. It could also be an overblown issue.

The only ones who truly know reside in the locker room and as open as the Seahawks are, they’ll never spill that secret. At least, not while they are in the midset of a Super Bowl run.

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